Produce outstanding live events. Painlessly. In the cloud.

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On-site, reliable encoders

Produce events remotely

Streamlined post production

Secure video storage and delivery

Scale up your video
production capabilities

Capture every nuance of every live event with the addition of a remotely-managed encoder for each video source. A single technician can set up for a large multi-room conference in minutes.

conferencePresentationLive eventspeakerSpeaking in breakout roomlive event speakerPresentation

Streamline your production workflow

Designed from the ground up for simplicity, efficiency and batch
processing, all from the cloud.

  Picture in picture layouts

  Add pre/post roll

  Cloud based editor to cut heads and tails

  Simultaneous transcoding

  Secure file sharing and delivery

windowAV Studio Scene editor

Pay as you go pricing

Free 90 day trial with unlimited access.


Per hour of
uploaded footage

No credit card required.

Enterprise plans available. Contact sales to learn more.

Webcaster X2 - For AV-Studio

Webcaster X2

Use one Webcaster X2 Encoder per HDMI source, such as a camera, mixer or computer. With network connectivity, the encoders will upload footage to your account on Purchase direct from or from a trusted dealer.

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