Pair, unpair, and delete encoders

As soon as your encoder is paired to AV Studio, you can do things like start and stop recordings, upload, and create scenes using the Scene Editor. Pairing a Pearl, Pearl-2, or Pearl Mini encoder to any AV Studio account (including a free account) gives you access to the remote login feature. Perform remote rescue troubleshooting, control recording, and get secure Internet access to the web versions of the Admin panel and Epiphan Live.

On the Encoders page, click +New Encoder then enter the pairing code for your encoder in the pop up window and give it a name. To unpair one or multiple encoders, select the encoders you want in the list of encoders and click Unpair.

  • For Webcaster X2, unpairing an encoder deletes recorded content in Webcaster X2's memory that has not yet been uploaded.
  • For Pearl, unpairing causes Pearl to permanently go offline, however, recorded content for each of the channels is still available for editing in AV Studio.

Deleting an encoder deletes all uploaded footage in AV Studio, as well as all scenes and rendered output that includes footage from that encoder.

Tip: All team members except Editors can operate, pair, and unpair an encoder. You can pair as many encoders as you want to your AV Studio team, but you can only pair an encoder to one team at a time.