Upload rendered scenes to cloud storage and ftp servers

Uploading your rendered scenes directly to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or even to an ftp server of your choice is only a few easy clicks away using AV Studio.

Start by creating a new upload location for your cloud storage service or ftp server from the My teams page.

When you select a cloud storage service, you're prompted to login and give AV Studio access permissions. To upload files using this AV Studio feature, please Allow AV Studio access. If you're uploading files to an FTP (or SFTP) server, you'll need to enter your server information in the pop-up, then click Connect. Once the new upload location is created, you can select that location anytime you're ready to start uploading files to that destination.


FTP Google Drive (example)

Now you're ready to upload some scenes to a location. You can upload one, or multiple scenes at the same time!


  • Some cloud storage services have file size limits on their plans. If you're unable to upload large files, check your plan for file size limits.
  • The file name of your scenes should not include special characters, tabs, line feeds, or be completely blank. Dashes and underlines are allowed.
  • If the token from your cloud service expires, you must reconnect to the cloud service to be able to upload files. From the My Teams page, click File Transfer. Select the expired location from the list and click Reconnect.