Custom backgrounds, pre/post rolls, and managing media assets

Most common video formats like .avi, .mov and .mp4 are supported and your pre and post rolls can be up to 5 minutes long with a maximum resolution of 1920×1200. For background images, most of the common file formats are supported, like .gifs, .jpg, png, etc.

Add custom backgrounds and add pre and post rolls to a scene using the Scene Editor.

Tip: For best results, the size of background images should match the frame size of the video. For example, if your video is full HD, an image that's 1920 × 1080 fills the whole background without being stretched or scaled to fit.

It's easy to add pre and post rolls to multiple scenes at the same time from the Scenes page. Just select the scenes you want and click Pre/post roll. Clear all pre and post rolls from the selected scenes before adding new ones.

Removing old media files from your AV Studio team when they're no longer needed is a good idea. Deleting media that is applied to a scene won't remove it from the scene. You just can't apply the deleted media to any new scenes. When there are no more scenes with that media file in it, the media file is permanently deleted.