Record, upload, and clear the queue

Start recording one or multiple encoders at the same time from the Encoder's page in AV Studio. Just select the encoders you want from the list of encoders and click Start recording. Click Stop recording when your done.

When you're ready to upload the recordings, select the encoders you want from the list and click Start uploading. You can also start and stop recording and uploading from the encoder's Status page. Double-click an encoder in the list to open the Status page.

From the encoder's Status page, you can click Clear upload queue to delete all recorded content in the queue to be uploaded.

  • For Webcaster X2 encoders, this clears the recorded content stored in memory (including the internal 12 GB of memory, an installed microSDHC card, or attached USB stick).
  • For Pearl encoders, clicking Clear upload queue deletes all recordings from Pearl that have not completely uploaded since the channel was paired to your AV Studio account.

Tip: Wondering how much record memory you need to record a typical scene for an 8 hour day? It's about 16 GB when recording at 1080p with a 4 Mb/s frame rate.

For details on how to set the Webcaster X2 Record to location and install a microSDHC card in the encoder, see Get started using AV Studio with Webcaster X2 encoders.