Using the Scene Editor

Use the Scene Editor to cut heads and tails and do basic edits like adjust the volume, contrast, and brightness of the video footage. When you create a new scene, you can choose from a selection of layouts like side-by-side and PIP, or you can Create a custom layout. The Scene Editor also makes it easy to add pre- and post-rolls to a scene, as well as add a custom background. For details, see Custom backgrounds, pre/post rolls, and managing media assets.

You can add scene markers and create multiple shots in a scene. Apply a different layout to the shots for a switching effect.

Tip: All encoders that are paired to your account and associated with your team are listed in the time line. The recorded content from each encoder is synchronized according to the current date and time. You can scroll the time line or click on the calendar icon to find the exact uploaded footage you want for your scene. When you're done editing, you can preview your scene and render.