Managing your account and changing your plan

To access your account, see Signing in and account information.

When you first sign up for an AV Studio account, you're automatically assigned a team with a free plan. You can see the plan that's associated with your team on your team's Billing page.

If you're the team owner, you can assign your teams a plan:

  • Pay as you go: Only US$9.95 per hour of uploaded content.
  • Monthly enterprise plans: Contact us to find out more about an enterprise plan to fit your specific needs.

Plans give you full access to all of AV Studio's features so you can create scenes, batch render, add pre-rolls and post-rolls, and more!

You can create multiple teams and assign them different plans. Each team is billed separately. Uploaded video content is tracked per team and charged monthly to the credit card information that was provided when you assigned a plan to the team. It can take up to 24 hours for a charge to be processed and appear in your team's usage and billing.

Only the owner of a team can change the team's plan and billing information, or transfer ownership of the team to another team member. When you transfer ownership of a team to another team member, you have the option to transfer the billing information as well. However, the current billing information will continue to be used until such time as the new owner accepts the transfer of the team and billing information. To change plans or transfer a team, see Setup and manage teams.

Deleting a team cancels the plan assigned to that team. When a team is deleted, a final charge is made to the credit card specified in the billing information for that team if there happens to be any outstanding charges. Check the FAQ for common questions about billing and changing plans.

TIP: You can use your free AV Studio account to remotely access and control your encoder. If you should choose to upload recordings to AV Studio, where you can create and edit scenes quickly using the power of the cloud and produce a low-touch product for fast delivery, you'll need to change the plan that's assigned to the team to one of the paid options.