Storage and managing your footage

AV Studio is a service that provides a low touch way to do video editing so you can quickly process and deliver batches of recorded content with minimal effort using a browser. You don't need to use your own processing equipment. Rendering is done in the cloud by AV Studio. To ensure you don't lose important footage, we recommend that you regularly download your rendered scenes. For details on how to download rendered scenes, see Render, download, and delete scenes.

Media that you upload, such as custom background images and pre and post rolls, remain a part of the assets for your team until you decide to delete them. For instructions on how to delete media assets from a team, see Custom backgrounds, pre/post rolls, and managing media assets.

Check your plan for the amount of upload content hours are allotted per month. With pay as you go options, you can conveniently upload what you want when you want. To see how to change plans for your team, see Setup and manage teams.