Set up email alerts

You can select which alerts AV Studio emails you when certain conditions occur. Just select the alerts you want for each encoder that's currently paired to your team. Alerts are sent to the email that you used when you set up your account.

Alert Description
Offline status

AV Studio has lost the connection to the encoder and the encoder appears offline.

Check that your encoder has power and if the encoder has a connection to the Internet.

Device health

A condition was reported on Webcaster X2 that should be investigated. Check the status of your Webcaster X2 encoder.

No signal

No video signal is detected at the video input port of Webcaster X2.


There is an issue with either the 12 GB internal memory, the microSDHC card or memory stick on Webcaster X2. Check if the memory is full or if no external memory device is installed and an external storage device is selected as the Record to location in the Webcaster X2 Preferences.