Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Account requirements

A Google or a Facebook account is required to log in to AV Studio (for authentication purposes only.)

A valid credit card is required at the time of setting up an AV Studio plan. No credit information is required to sign up for a free account. You can read the full terms and conditions in AV Studio at any time.

Browser support

The latest versions of most browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported with AV Studio. Google Chrome is preferred.

We do not recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Platform support

We recommend using a browser on a computer or tablet that's running the latest Mac OS or Windows version.

We do not recommend using AV Studio on a mobile phone or on an iPad.

Encoder support

The following hardware encoders are supported:

  • Webcaster X2
  • Epiphan Video's Pearl, Pearl-2, and Pearl Mini

We recommend registering your encoder to receive important notices and updates, including any that are related to AV Studio. Go to

Webcaster X2 external memory recommendations

Webcaster X2 can record to either the 12 GB internal memory, a V30 or U3 class microSDHC card with a minimum of 4 GB available capacity, or a USB 3.0 memory stick that is FAT32 formatted. However, for best performance we recommend recording to a microSDHC card.

Tested microSDHC cards for Webcaster X2 include:

1. SanDisk Extreme

2. Samsung EVO

Note: USB memory sticks larger than 32 GB may need to be reformatted as XFAT to work properly with Webcaster X2.